Thursday, March 10, 2005

The American Dream

The American Way has and always will be focused towards creating things that have greater yield for less effort put in. This can be seen in such instances as the Diet Revolution (there's a new diet every day, each one promoting an easier lifestyle than the one before it), high-speed internet, TiVo (God forbid you should have to schedule your VCR to tape something), navigational systems in cars (because maps are so hard to read), and, my favorite, the bouncy ball. The bouncy ball exceeds the others by far in its adherence to the American Way. We put so little effort into throwing that little neon ball, and who among us is not amused or excited every time it bounces back much higher than we ever expected it to?


Blogger kayla said...

Do you ever read Kurt Vonnegut? I am just about finished with "Player Piano" by him, and it is brilliant, about "creating things that have a greater yield for less effort." It is about a time when man is replaced by machine in the work force. Check it out.

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