Sunday, December 19, 2004 Maybe just stupid.

Got into Tulane a couple days ago. Fuckin' A. New Orleans is definitely the shit. But GW's still got the trump card of each dorm room having its own bathroom. That is too fuckin hot. Anyway.

Some people are too stupid to live. My homeroom teacher called me over to her desk the other day and handed me a detention notice from two days before. I asked her why she was giving it to me now when the only time it would have been of any use to me was at least two days ago. She actually looked me in the eye and said "Could you throw it away for me?" The best part is the trash can was literally within her reach. She didn't even have to get her fat ass up and do it. Stupid cunt.

Also, I got called down to the attendance office from my Latin class, which is pretty fuckin far to walk. When I got there, the double-digit IQ receptionist asked me why I didn't serve my detention on the seventh. I told her it was because it was scheduled for the ninth. She looked at me all weird, then looked back at the detention slip, pointed at the date I was assigned to serve it, and said "Look! I thought this was a seven." I stared at her in complete disbelief.

Another time my homeroom teacher told me she would have to mark me absent if I wouldn't give her a pen to mark me present. Another time I was late, and she yelled this fact to me from about 20 yards away. She then looked at the hall attendant who's supposed to mark us late and said "Don't let him in!" When I got up to the dude he looked at me and said "Go ahead." I walked in and she asked me if I got written up. I told her I didn't. She nearly had a fucking aneurism.

Fun stuff. I seriously question the authority my teachers are supposed to have when it's pretty obvious they have no idea what the fuck they're talking about.


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aneurysm. Tulane? GW?

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