Monday, November 15, 2004

The Tomato Scandal

In the days when my family was a simple, farming collective (OK, they had a Victory Garden in their backyard), my great-grandfather used to grow tomatoes. By fate alone, the neighbors raised chickens, which persistently got out of their shoddily-made pen and pecked the tomatoes, effectively ruining them. On one such day, my great-grandfather decided he had had enough, and put all the ruined tomatoes in a basket near the garage. He fully intended on reading the neighbors the riot act as soon as they returned home.

Meanwhile, my grandfather and his friend came home from school. Notorious for being pranksters, they saw the tomatoes in the basket and immediately began hatching plans in their mind. In one of his less interesting scandals, my grandfather and his friend took the tomatoes and threw them at the side of the garage, leaving the side pink with the juices. Pleased with themselves, they went on their merry way.

Later that day, the neighbor returned home from work. My great-grandfather saw him walking up to his door and quickly intercepted him, saying "Come look what your chickens did to my tomatoes!"

We can only assume that the man immediately went inside to call the Yankees and offer them a new batch of pitchers.


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