Monday, November 01, 2004

Mischief Night

A lot of people put really incredibly boring stories on their blogs because they think people care about their menial, day-to-day tasks.

I swear to you every story I post will be worth reading, complete with suspense and good punchline.

So Mischief Night was a few nights ago, and friend (herein referred to as "X") and I decided it would be a grand ole time if we got 3 cartons of eggs and painted the town. We were having the time of our lives.

About half an hour in, we were hiding on a corner behind some very sparse bushes, throwing eggs at passing cars then ducking down and hiding. It came to me that we were not very hidden at all, and we should definitely move to a more densely-forested location by the side of the road. I voiced this to X, and he agreed. We started to move.

As we were crossing from position 1 to position 2 (see map below), a car turned from Street 1 onto Street 2. I yelled at X not to throw an egg because they were too close, but X being X, he proceeded to walk into the middle of the street about 15 feet behind the car and wing an egg at it.

As soon as the red glow from the brake lights registered in my mind, my legs took off running to position 3. by way of Street 1.

X was right behind me, and we both dropped to the ground and lay there as the kids got out of the car and began yelling at us to come out and fight them, or else they would cut our dicks off.

Eventually they turned back and went right down Street 1, so X and I proceeded to move quickly in the other direction, left down Street 1, to position 4. We were still walking, but by the time we reached position 4 I turned around and saw three shapes tearing after us at approximately position 5.

I screamed like a girl and ran down to position 6, right next to where we started on the corner with the sparse bushes. As I darted into someone's lawn and began to hop the fence, one of those motion-sensor lights came on, bathing me in light on some stranger's lawn with three pissed off kids right behind us.

It seemed to be all over. And then something which I couldn't make up because I'm not creative enough happened.

X's parents pulled up in their van on Street 1 right next to where we were on the lawn and asked us if we needed a ride. As I struggled to open the door, the three kids were probably within 15 feet of us, and the one in front looked me in the eye and said "Yo man, why you gonna throw an egg at my car?"

Scared as all hell and fearing for my life, I whipped the sliding door open and said "I'm just gonna get in the van now."

That was the most fun X and I had in a long time.

MAP (for reference):


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