Sunday, November 14, 2004

Hannibal Crosses the Alps

"Sire, sire, the Carthaginians are attacking!"
"Hahaha, we knew they'd attack."
"But they're coming over the Alps, sir!"
"They're coming over the Alps, we knew they'd do that."
"But they're coming on elephants, sir! Great, big elephants!"
"...(deep breath)...Say that again?"
"Elephants, sir! The Carthaginians are attacking on elephants!"
"Hahaha...(nervous pause)...What's an elephant?"
"Well, it's like a big, upside-down squirrel, sir."
"Run that by me again, will you?"
"It's like a squirrel upside-down, with the legs on the bottom bit, and pumped up at the back, sir. Very large."
"Jesus CHRIST, that scares me!"

-Explanation of the situation to the Roman General who fought Hannibal.


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